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About Us

PS Digital Media is a digital media representative based in Thailand, specializing in representing Chinese, Russian, Middle Eastern Media, and Influencers, as well as programmatic digital out-of-home media. Our team of experienced professionals leverages the power of these digital media to help clients reach their target audiences in the region with creative strategies that maximize the impact of their campaigns.

Chinese Media

Businesses in China need effective digital marketing strategies to reach their target audience.

Our team specializes in services like

  • Chinese social media account registration and Maintenance (Tik Tok, WeChat, Weibo, Xiaohongshu)
  • Baidu ad
  • Chinese AI programmatic ads
  • Chinese big data (high-spending Chinese consumers, Chinese investors, and Chinese tourists)

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Media Examples by Categories

OTT Solution - Display and VDO

  • Open Screen, Pre/Mid/End Rolls
  • Display and Video (15-30s)
  • Reach Premium Members user

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Offering everything you need to connect with a Chinese audience through Chinese digital marketing channels

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Chinese, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia

Instagram Feed


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Target MENA regions &

Russian tourists

Unlock your brand's potential in MENA and captivate the Russian tourist market. We specialize in strategic media solutions that bridge cultures and connect brands with diverse audiences.

Let's make your message heard and leave a lasting impact in these vibrant, thriving markets.

Programmatic Digital Out of home(pDooh)

Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand

Transforming the way brands connect with audiences on the move. I'm a pioneer of pDOOH (programmatic Digital Out-of-Home) advertising, utilizing machine learning and data-driven strategies to deliver targeted campaigns across digital screens. Join me in revolutionizing OOH advertising for a hyper-personalized, audience-centric experience. Let's make every impression count.

Day Part

Schedule your ads for certain times of day or certain days of week to reach your target more effectively.


Reach your audience at the right moment with the right product/ messages.


Served your ads to people based on where they have been

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